Many types of stone damage can be successfully repaired. Whether the windshield can be repaired always depends upon four factors: the size, type, depth, and location of the damage.

Size and Depth

Repair of cracks up to 24 in is within permissible limits, Auto glass with more severe damage needs to be replaced.


Circular Bullseyes, linear cracks, crack chips, dings, pits, and star-shaped breaks can be repaired without removing the glass, eliminating the risk of leaking or bonding problems sometimes associated with replacement.


If the damage is in the driver’s line of sight or very near the windshield’s edge, usually it cannot be repaired.

Some damages are very difficult to repair, or cannot be repaired:

  • on inside of the windshield
  • deep damage on both layers of glass
  • damage over rain sensor or internal radio antenna
  • damages that reach into the driver’s critical viewing area
  • complex multiple cracks
  • very long cracks (i.e. over 18 – 24 inches long)
  • contaminated cracks
  • edge cracks and chips

In cracked windshield repair, air is removed from the damaged area on the windshield with a specified vacuum injection pump. Then using the injection pump, clear adhesive resin is injected to replace the air in the windshield crack. The resin is then cured with an ultraviolet light. When done properly, the damaged area’s strength is restored, as is 90–95% of the clarity. Auto glass chip repair usually take about 15–20 minutes.

An estimate of the cost involved to safely repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition. Repair estimates vary depending on several factors including labor, parts and the amount of time necessary to perform certain repairs.

Auto glass is an important structural component of your vehicle, so quality windshield replacement is important to your safety. If they can’t be repaired, then they must be replaced by cutting out the old piece of glass and installing a new one. Replacement of a windshield typically takes less than 1 hour.

To ensure the vehicle is safe to drive the Safe Drive Away Time has to be respected.The safe drive away time (SDAT) or minimum drive away time (MDAT) refers to the time required until a windscreen installation, e.g. after a glass replacement is considered to be safely bonded to drive again.